Our History

Founded in 1974, in the City of Colon, the company quickly established itself as a leading insurance brokerage company, obtaining a considerable portfolio in the Maritime Cargo line, due to its geographical location. Growth in other insurance lines came quickly and a new office was established a few years later in Panama City.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to offer reliable insurance advice, meeting quality standards and contributing with our management to achieve optimal results. Our vision is to position Kam & Asociados as a model company of excellence in insurance advice, with national and international coverage.


Kam y Asociados is a prestigious insurance brokerage company with 48 years of experience in the insurance market. We seek to provide comprehensive advice to our clients, through our human capital that constantly seeks to provide the correct coverage and the best terms. We differentiate ourselves by providing personalized and expedited advice with our main objective as customer satisfaction.


  • Professionalism
  • Quality service
  • Client Engagement
  • Efficiency at Work
  • Human Resource Development

Policies and Solutions
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With more than 3,000 insured companies, our company
It is one of the leading companies of this activity in the country.

Corporate and Individual Customers
Excellent Service in Claims
Solid Trajectory
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