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About Us

Corporate Profile

We are a company engaged in insurance brokerage. As one of the largest insurance brokers in Panama, our strength allows us to benefit our customers with many strong connections that we have developed throughout the years with the most solid insurance companies operating in the country.

Our clients receive personalized technical advice as they are served by our group of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience,  which allows us to provide them an outstanding service.

Corporate Mission Statement

To offer reliable advice and prompt insurance with adequate coverage and competitive prices, which contributes to ensure our costumers trust ,due to the vast experience we have in managing risks.

Corporate Vision Statement:

A role model in excellent insurance counseling, our busisness is recognized by the professionalism of its workforce, and a reliable, prompt and value-added service to their customers, with worldwide coverage.

Our Companies Values:

Client Engagement: Commitment is to put our capacities to the limit through all that our clients entrust us. The commitment with our clients is more than just signing a document or contract. When we commit it’s because we know the conditions and obligations that we are accepting and what they entail. Part of that commitment is to offer our clients valuable propositions that meet their expectations and needs by providing the necessary advice according to their requirements.

Quality Service: We work with efficiency and consistency in everything we do. In order to improve and succeed daily, so that we can meet the needs and expectations of clients so that we are able satisfy their needs. Kam Seguros directs all its resources and plans to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their service in insurance brokerage and social security, complying with the legal regulations.

Professionalism: The exactitude, neatness, punctuality, precision, our clear and accurate communication, commitment, responsibility, confidence in decisions and lifelong learning are the traits that define the professionalism of this company and its members.

Efficiency at Work: We work with discipline and responsibility, continuously improving our capabilities to deliver a differentiated service to all our clients in order to achieve international standards.

Human Resource Development: We foster a beneficial work environment by recognizing goals achieved, encouraging teamwork and stimulate working with enthusiasm.